Announcing the FITWATCH competition…


Following the call-out for direct action against the new Counter-Terrorism Act (see below), Fitwatch is delighted to announce the Policewatch competition, for the finest pictures of the British police.

An amazing prize of the sensational boardgame “War on Terror” will be awarded for each of three different categories:

Scary – for the most shocking bit of police abuse recorded. Dixon of Dock Green it ain’t!
Funny – for the most hilarious classic copper moment. “Now move along, you’ve had your fun….”
Effective – for the pictures which proved a case against the police or had most success in defending civil liberties (please tell us what it did).- yes, sometimes we can actually say to coppers “you’re nicked”!

You can enter still images or video footage. Just post them on flickr (preferred for stills), (preferred for video), youtube or anywhere else (please put the tags “visionontv” and “fitwatch”) – then send us a link.

We welcome images from anywhere in the world, but only the best of the British constabulary can win a prize.

Vision on recommend giving your pictures a creative commons license so they can be distibuted as widely as possible.
The creative commons license they advise choosing is “Non-Commercial Share Alike” – which allows people to use your footage for anything non-commercial, and as long as they release it under the same license.

All videos and stills will be shown on visionOntv’s Policewatch series , hosted by Nick Ross (we made that last bit up – well, we could always ask him…). Stills may be edited into animated packages for television viewers.

Please email for further info on the Policewatch series.

Closing date for entries: March 9th 2009
Winners declared: March 16th 2009 – the one-month anniversary of the new legislation

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