Media Event: “I’m a Photographer … not a Terrorist”

Hosted by the National Union of Journalists and supported by the British Journal of Photography and the British Press Photographers’ Association.

New Scotland Yard, Broadway, Westminster, London SW1H, UK. (Map)

Monday 16 February 2009.


Fitwatch urge all supporters to mark the coming into force of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008, by joining the NUJ and others at New Scotland Yard this coming Monday.

For those who may have missed all the fuss, this Act will make it a criminal offence to ‘elicit’ or publish information about police officers that is ‘of a type’ that can be used by terrorists. Already the police are gearing up for this, and are practising statements like ‘you can’t take pictures of us!’

Fitwatchers of course will continue to photograph coppers, as long as they continue to photograph us. Fairs fair, eh?

See below for further ideas to thwart the Act…

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