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URGENT – Fitwatchers Needed at Winter Moot

It has been reported that there are FIT outside the Earth First Winter Moot (Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton), taking photos of everyone going in and out. This is a plea for anyone who’s ever thought about doing some fitwatching to go to Brighton and resist this intimidation and intrusion. We have had a numberContinue reading “URGENT – Fitwatchers Needed at Winter Moot”

16th February: Mass Resistance to Taking Photographs of Police Officers Becoming a Terrorist Offence

The new Counter Terrorism Act will come into force on 16th February. It contains an amendment to Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. This amendment will make it an offence, punishable by up to ten years imprisonment, to publish or elicit information about any police constable “of a kind likely to be useful toContinue reading “16th February: Mass Resistance to Taking Photographs of Police Officers Becoming a Terrorist Offence”

FIT teams shut down on Gaza demo

Forward Intelligence Teams on the Gaza march on Saturday faced their toughest opposition to date, as people from the march enthusiastically joined Fitwatch activists in blocking police cameras. As the FIT tried to film the march, they were soon challenged by Fitwatch activists. As the marchers saw what was happening more and more of themContinue reading “FIT teams shut down on Gaza demo”

Help Defend the Militancy – Fitwatch call for Gaza demo

24th January, 2pm, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London. As the militancy on the UK streets increases, so will the police repression. We must help defend this current wave of resistance. Given Israel’s alleged ceasefire, it is likely the protests will be smaller, but the anger will not, and should not, go away. Whatever theContinue reading “Help Defend the Militancy – Fitwatch call for Gaza demo”

500 pigs, 20 horses, 16 dogs, 2 starbucks

Following Israel’s announcement that they’d killed enough Palestinians to be going on with, London’s lamest decided to celebrate the military success by going on a rampage through the West End, terrifying the decent people going about their normal business, with helmetted hordes and triplets of SWAT-style vans speeding in every direction chasing shadows and shebab.Continue reading “500 pigs, 20 horses, 16 dogs, 2 starbucks”

We will not be pushed around – a Fitwatch response to criticism of militant protest

This post started as a response to a comment on this thread. Some of it may be stuff we have said in the past, and it is a personal response. Firstly, let’s get one thing straight. Forward Intelligence Cops are not bastions of law and order, trying to keep the peace in difficult circumstances. TheyContinue reading “We will not be pushed around – a Fitwatch response to criticism of militant protest”

FIT policing at the Gaza demo

The Gaza demonstration last Saturday (3rd Jan) was justifiably passionate, angry and determined, and there were many more there than the 12,000 that the police claimed. FIT coppers looked edgy from the start, focussing special attention on anyone who looked young Muslim and militant. But with such huge numbers of people, many wearing Arab scarvesContinue reading “FIT policing at the Gaza demo”

eyewitness accounts from last Saturday’s protest

Not my account, but one I came across on indymedia portraying the FIT team as being cool, calm, collected and in control. No, not really. The picture was entitled, ‘FIT run for their cowardly lives’. “I was surprised and like everyone, greatly cheered by the tannoy announcement urging everyone to march onto the Israeli embassyContinue reading “eyewitness accounts from last Saturday’s protest”