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Violence/Nonviolence Debate

The ethos under which this blog was set up was to resist the FIT teams by whatever means people feel are necessary. These could be very non violent and legal or very militant and illegal. Whilst this obviously leads to a discussion of tactics, and for some this may be useful, it may be goodContinue reading “Violence/Nonviolence Debate”

Proposal for resisting the FIT teams

TAKE ACTION AGAINST THE COPSTAKE ACTION AGAINST THE FIT TEAMS30TH JUNE 2007 (1:30 onwards, University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1) A call for solidarity outside the next DISARM DSEi public meeting and every time there is a Forward Intelligence Team presence at a meeting or on a protest. At the last DISARM DSEiContinue reading “Proposal for resisting the FIT teams”