6 thoughts on “VK547 Ryan Hall

  1. Where have all the coppers gone? We normally have the great benefit of their wisdom on a regular basis. But no longer it seems, as none has posted a comment for weeks. Don’t want to be conspiritorial, but there hasn’t been a dictat issued to police officers has there, advising them to avoid potentially terrorist websites? Surely not…


  2. It’s been hard to keep up with the effluent outflow posted on here – not wishing to trump your conspiracy theory but I wonder is the increase in the volume of sewage is due to certain people being banned from London?


  3. Welcome back CO11 – it hasn’t been the same without your fantastic intellectual contributions. And, you just couldn’t resist the bait, could you?Seriously though, an average of one post a day? It really doesn’t seem to be that much to catch up on, does it? But, I guess, I do always forget what an oxymoron police intelligence really is.


  4. I am very glad to have had my conspiracy theory proved wrong. Having coppers posting here makes me feel a little more confident that the blog won’t end up getting shut down by the misuse of some ‘anti-extremist’ legislation or other. But I do wish they would be a little more open with who they are and what they do. I assume that only officers involved in some way with CO11 would know about bail conditions applied to two fitwatch bloggers after their arrest a few weeks ago (see ‘Fit teams shut down on Gaza demo’, Jan 29th on this blog). So, M25, I assume you work as part of forward intelligence teams, or for CO11. Would you like to explain your motives for mentioning these bail conditions, which quite unreasonably ban two individuals from London? Was it mere gloating? Or did you have some other intention?


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